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TENC Dress Code

Clean, relaxed and accessible dress code

Our sixth form students are role models for our school communities
and are expected to dress smartly. One of the freedoms of sixth
form is that students are not required to wear a uniform. However,
they must take pride in their appearance which is required to be
appropriate for the school working day. They are expected to dress
in a manner that is clean, relaxed, and accessible. Footwear should
be appropriate.

We reserve the right to deem what is appropriate.

Not Permitted

No hoodies
No ripped jeans
No cropped, skinny strap or backless tops
Dark jeans only
Sportswear is allowed for BTEC sports students only, including
the compulsory TENC sports top, navy/black tracksuit bottoms,
black/navy tracksuit top or the TENC 3⁄4 zip


Student Lanyards

Every student will be issued with a TENC lanyard which must be worn at all times. Replacements will incur a cost of £5.00.

Sanctions and Consequences


 Verbal warning from Ho6th. Student given dress code pass with deadline (maximum 5 days).   Warning recorded. This can be issued on any of the three sites.


 If review date not met, Ho6th sends a letter home. Formal warning.


 Ho6th meeting with parent. Formal warning. Exclusion possible.

One Vision of Excellence