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BTEC Double Sport w/c 18th January 2021

Monday P4- Work set linked to assignment

Wednesday P5- Work set linked to assignment

Friday P1- Live Lesson

Friday P2- Set work following live lesson.  

All resources supplied via the google classroom. 



Mr Smart: 

Monday 11th- Exam

Wednesday 13th- Set work via the google classroom

Friday 15th- P1- Set work P2- Live lesson to go through assignment/work. 


A message from Mrs Finney:

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year! I hope you are all well and had a good Christmas break! I just wanted to send a quick message to say good luck in your exams tomorrow and on Monday! I really feel for you with this lockdown now and with your exams in the middle of it but have every confidence in you all! You will be fine, just keep working hard and trying your best! I will leave you alone to concentrate on those 2 exams and the work Mr Smith and Mr Smart are doing with you the rest of this week and then we will do a live lesson on Tues 12th Jan 2-3pm to just do a last minute check in before our exam on Wed. If you have any questions or worries in the meantime please just send me an email. Please do make sure you have completed the mock paper I gave you and that you have had a look through the mark scheme for it too. We can discuss these on Tues in the live too. You can also still be revising the content and use those posters I gave you to keep those key concepts (e.g. Principles of Sports Development, Sports Development Continuum, Crime Prevention Strategies etc etc ) and key words (Community Cohesion, Infrastructure, Sustainability etc etc) fresh! Thanks, Mrs F

  • Single:
  • Focus on the nutrition question in our Unit 2 exam.
  • Create a Food Diary and compare your daily intake of Macro/Micro Nutrients to the advised amounts.

This will help you begin to feel more comfortable in suggesting adaptations to Food Diaries which is worth 8 marks in Question 3 of our Unit 2 exam.

  • Revisit Training Methods and Principles of Training (Use Level 2 BTEC Sport Knowledge) in preparation for Question 4 after half term


  • Double:

Research Trends:

• New technologies.

• Influence of the media, including social media.

• Changes in national participation rates for different activities.

• Changes in participation and spectator numbers



  • Triple:
  • Create a revision summary sheet for each Learning Aim A, B and C (Using Revision Poster Document for guidance)

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