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BTEC Business

Please see attached documents, and start with 'Welcome to BTEC Business'.


Extra Resources

Yr 11-12 BTEC students could make a start researching where they will conduct their work experience – this is effectively assignment 1 as attached. They can also watch any episode of Dragon’s den and consider the marketing aspect of all businesses, finding as many examples as they can (evaluate them: what’s good? Why? Why not?)


  • choose a business (online or a parent’s place of work) and research them. What do they do, where are they based, how are they owned, who are their customers/competitors, how much money have they made (look online to see if they have published accounts), what do their customers think of them, how do they treat their staff? Find out as much about them as they can – good or bad!
  • Consider all things ‘BUSINESS’ and keep notes of them from any source: newspaper, radio, social media, website etc
  • Consider what businesses have been successful/not during lockdown and WHY? If they were going to start a business now, what would it be? Research what would be needed: what product/services would they sell? How much for? Where would they base? Find a premises and supplier of raw materials. How would they advertise? How much would it cost?

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