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Year 13 Mock Interviews

What is language?  Is education a human right? Do you believe the NHS is a fair system? Some of our talented  Yr 13  TENC students were put through their paces on Tuesday night and really pushed  to think in different  and challenging ways.  Although university interviews are rare nowadays, we wanted to ensure that all those   with confirmed interviews were given a trial run in order to prepare them for the real thing. They were all  given a “grilling” by  experts in their field who willingly gave up their time to see how our A level students coped under pressure.  The students gained enormously from the experience, realising there was often no right or wrong answer and they were just being tested on their ability to think “outside the box” and develop arguments in unpredictable  directions.   We are hugely grateful to our interviewers who put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the evening and did a fabulous job.  Cambridge interviews start next week and we wish all our TENC applicants the very best of luck.

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