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Year 12 Sport BTEC

Mrs Finney - Triple Work

C.P5 State the appropriate research methods for a sport-based research problem
C.P6 Demonstrate skills in appropriate research methods to address a selected research problem.
C.M3 Assess the research methods for a sport-based research problem.
C.D3 Justify the choice of research methods for a selected sport-based research problem.

Your actual research is only Pass (P6) but your discussion of why you chose the research methods you did is P5, M3 and D3. Don't forget that word 'justify' for distinction. Why were the methods you chose the best ones to use for your research question?


Mr Smart - Double Work

A1 Work experience action plan

  • This plan should include short-term, personal and work-related development aims and outcomes to be achieved during sports industry work experience placement.
  • Pre-placement self-evaluation:
  • current career aspirations, sports interests
  • skills – personal and sports-specific
  • prior knowledge and experience, levels of expertise, e.g. qualifications in sports-based or sports-related activities, personal qualities.


• Completed action plan – self-assessment summary statements, e.g. current career motivators, skills, competencies etc. to be developed, a vision of future career direction, short-, medium- and long-term career goals, development activities and experiences, actions required, success criteria, target completion dates, resources required to achieve goals, aims and outcomes.


• Work placement aims and outcomes (short-term goals) – aims of placement, SMART(ER) (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-related, exciting OR evaluated, recorded OR reviewed) outcomes of placement.


• Generic work-related skills, e.g. communication, working with others, problem solving, organisational skills, working to deadlines, management and leadership, negotiating, motivating people, making decisions, research skills.


• Technical work-related skills – linked to the performance of work-based tasks and activities, e.g. planning, setting up and delivering coaching or activity sessions, dismantling and checking equipment and resources, assisting with accident and emergency procedures, dealing effectively and courteously with colleagues, customers and clients, helping to plan and review a personal training programme, demonstrating leadership skills.

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