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Year 12 Sociology


NEW - 

Please have the interview section completed and ready to take pictures to show me that you have done this by next monday. I am working on getting you all access to the google classroom so that we can upload work on there. For those who have access to their rushden email this is the code: v6vxzra


On another note, this resource is great! You have 5 short activities based around a topic (multiple choice questions etc) and then the answers are provided to you the next day in another video. You will be able to self mark these. So please write down your answers either electronically or on paper. Then mark them the next day. 


It will give you the opportunity to revise past topics as well as current ones. Also a way to keep those sociological brains working!! - TheTEACHERSOCIOLOGY (you can subscribe to make it easier!)


If you don't have access to the textbook it is available in pdf form here:

Sociology Text Book






Students are to study and make notes on the following. Then answer the questions at the end of the chapter.

Internal factors and Gender Differences in Achievement

- Identity, Class and Girls achievement

- Boys and Achievement

- Gender and Subject Choice

- Gender Differences in subject Choice

- Pupils sexual and Gender Identities


Year 12 can move on to topics 5, and 6 and answer all the questions at the end of each chapter.

They can then proceed to chapter 3, Research Methods.

But before they move on to Research Methods they need to complete their workbook on Education

Three Schools, One Vision of Excellence