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Year 12 History (Huxlow)

GDR work for this week - a message from Mr Lewis:

Dear all

It was good to speak to (nearly all of) you on Monday.

I have looked at what we still need to cover and have decided to set the next booklet this week. This will give those of you that are behind the half-term week to catch up on any missing work.

I would like to have started the Holocaust topic before the summer so that you can do some work on that in preparation for September.

You need to complete the attached booklet as usual, using the next chapter in the textbook. We are starting the final topic: 4. Then complete the table on slide 4 of the PowerPoint.

A couple of you still need to send me the sporting success essay - ask for help if you need it.

If you have any questions let me know.



Seneca is here to help with knowledge gaps to date and to help get you ready to return


please use the link above to login and join the class – this is basically online mini tests on Russia


Also, Mr Lewis and myself will be hosting a ‘welcome back’ meeting in Teams on Monday – look out for the invite which I will send to your Huxlow email address- you all got logged on before we left – I will also try and add you via your home school emails and see if that works …


it will be on Monday at 11:00 and you enter the meeting by clicking on the link you will be sent – we have some time to re-set passwords if need be – so PLEASE be proactive.


Seneca needs to be completed by the 22nd May.


All work will be posted on onenote with files also on Edmodo

Y12 are working through Part booklets – they all have copies

Y13 have started revision – plan to follow

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