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Year 12 Further Maths

Please see the attached documents.




Hi all


Know you'll be looking forward to, cracking on with some maths!


So I've attached the work for next week on ch3 (Dom can you check that Luke gets this please as he didn't get the last email I sent - cheers)

Try to tackle at least an exercise a day so that it will be completed by next weekend. I haven't listed any mixed exercise work but if you fancy completing some extra work you could do that as well

I'll then email the work for ch 6 for the following week

I've shown where support is available on mymaths and Pete Hart (videos youtube) - link to the one for 3.1 is here. I couldn't find any with Zeeshan Zemurred for this but there are plenty of other videos. If you find something good please share it with everyone else and let me have details as well

Pete Hart 3.1 Arithmetic series (the 24 in his first line should be 34!)

I will be checking emails on a regular basis so if you need some help PLEASE ASK





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