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Year 12 Drama

Live lesson 2pm on Wednesday 1st July. 

Scene One – Continued exploration. Recapping the Production History and considering which (if any) elements of Scene One would have contravened guidelines and evoked censorship.  


Scene One – Performance Style – identifying Bond’s realism in scene one. 


Live Lesson with Miss Taylor this week 


Mrs Prince’s work: 

Task 1: Consider and respond to the key questions posed in the lesson about how to direct the three characters in order to convey the themes, characters and context of the play. 

Task 2: Produce a design plan for a stage, an SFX and LX cue sheet for Scene 1 and a Mood Board for other design elements. 

Due 30th June



SAVED: Complete the following tasks to prepare for your examination of Edward Bond’s ‘Saved’.


  • Using your research from the first few weeks, produce a PPT presentation covering the following topics: The life of Edward Bond; His other works; His theatrical style and intentions; Saved – details of the play – when written/first performed/cast etc.; History of Saved and performances.
  • Create a mood-board/presentation of the original design elements of Saved:
    • Sound
    • Lighting
    • Set and props
    • Costume
    • Hair
    • Make-up

Due date: 1st June – by email to


  • Watch the PPT presentation (with voice over so ensure that you have the volume up – attached below).
  • Answer the following essay question (minimum of 1000 words): In your opinion, should Edward Bond have allowed interpretations of ‘Saved’, or is he justified in his insistence of maintaining the style/direction of the play.
  • Consider the needs of a contemporary audience
  • Is he maintaining the integrity of the play or failing to reach modern audience?
  • Does the play have anything to say to a modern audience as it was originally performed?


Due date: 8th June - by email to




Using your knowledge of the play 100, your research of practitioners completed (please send me your notes on these ASAP if you have not already), and your personal ideas for a reimagining of the text, I would now like to you to design a workshop to explore the practitioner/style to begin to develop ideas for performance.


Write up your plan and produce and resources that you would need and send these to me by Monday 11th May at Included in your plan:


Intended outcome of the workshop (why are you doing it?).

Evidence of the practitioner are you exploring/exploring with.

Resources needed.

Details of the workshop, including developments through the practical work.

An outline of intended next steps.





1) Research the storyline of 100. Explore
and research potential ideas for a
reimagining. Share these on email with all
members of the group and me.

2) Explore theatrical practitioners that lend
themselves well to a reimagining. Consider:
Kneehigh, DV8, Frantic, Berkoff and Brecht.
Prepare a presentation of an idea of a
reimagining using the theatrical techniques
of a practitioner.

3) Read Saved. Be prepared for a challenging
read – this is not an easy play to study.
Research the play and its history. Research
Edward Bond.


Resources: Your internet research.

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