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TENC Dress Code

TENC Dress Code

Students recognise that not wearing a prescribed uniform is a privilege that brings certain responsibilities.  We ask and expect that our students dress appropriately for a place of work and understand that they are role models across all the schools and need to set an example to younger students.  This responsibility extends from the ‘home’ school to each of the other schools in the partnership because students represent not only The East Northamptonshire College when they travel between sites, but also their own school, and are often on show to the wider community.

You are expected to dress smartly with no extremes of fashion, hair colour or piercings. Sixth form students should not cross the boundaries of acceptability with specific regard to shorts, T-shirts with slogans, low-cut tops, vests, and beach shoes.  Hats should not be worn indoors.  ID cards must be worn at all times.


The following do not form part of the dress code and should not be worn:


  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Bare midriffs/Crop tops
  • Shorts or hot pants
  • Ripped jeans/trousers. Hipster jeans must preserve the bounds of decency
  • Hats or caps indoors
  • Inappropriate logos or slogans on T-Shirts
  • Vest tops. However, a sleeveless dress or blouse is acceptable
  • Blouses must not be revealing
  • Beach wear, including rubber/plastic flip-flops
  • Excessively short skirts or dresses
  • Studded neck-chains/bracelets
  • Leggings that are not under a dress or skirt, bottoms must be FULLY covered
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn: there are health and safety issues in certain areas of the school especially, but not exclusively, in science, food technology and DT


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