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  • Single:
  • Focus on the nutrition question in our Unit 2 exam.
  • Create a Food Diary and compare your daily intake of Macro/Micro Nutrients to the advised amounts.

This will help you begin to feel more comfortable in suggesting adaptations to Food Diaries which is worth 8 marks in Question 3 of our Unit 2 exam.

  • Revisit Training Methods and Principles of Training (Use Level 2 BTEC Sport Knowledge) in preparation for Question 4 after half term


  • Double:

Research Trends:

• New technologies.

• Influence of the media, including social media.

• Changes in national participation rates for different activities.

• Changes in participation and spectator numbers



  • Triple:
  • Create a revision summary sheet for each Learning Aim A, B and C (Using Revision Poster Document for guidance)

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