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Gresham Lectures

We have lectures across the spectrum of arts and sciences, with especially strong work in:

Professor Alex Edman's lecture on Choosing a Career<> is particularly strong.

We recommend Sir Jonathan Bate's lectures on Shakespeare<> and the Romantic Poets<>.

Geography (Environment)<>
Especially strong on environmental challenges, Climate Change, and Water.

A very wide range, including a recent series on WWI<> which includes a lecture from our Provost, Professor Sir Richard Evans.

Emerging Issues in IT and a lot of lectures on AI, for example discussing 'superintelligence'.

We recommend lectures on becoming a Barrister<> and diversity in the legal profession by Professor Jo Delahunty QC.

A very strong area for Gresham lectures, with lectures from Chris Whitty and a popular recent series on medical education by Professor Roger Kneebone.

Excellent series on the applications of Mathematics by Professor Chris Budd.

Physics (Astronomy)<>
An inspiring and popular series asking some of the biggest questions in the Universe.

Strong series by Professor Alec Ryrie on Extreme Christianity, Atheism and on the history of Religious Atrocities.

We also have some interesting work in

For example, 20th century Chinese Art<> by Professor Craig Clunas.

Professor Edith Hall - 3 short series; she's one of our best lecturers.

Guitar Music, Christian Music and Russian Music feature strongly.

Film and Media History<>
from Professor Ian Christie

More about Gresham College
Gresham College is a charity and historic institute of higher learning set up in 1597 to bring the 'new learning' to Londoners; we have been live-streaming our free lectures for the past 10 years and have an archive of 2,500 lectures (video and audio) + written transcripts online. Early Professors include Sir Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke.



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