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A Levels are changing

The New Levels

From September 2015-2018, A Levels are changing and will become linear. This means that gradually all A Level exams will be examined at the end of two years of study.

The new courses are being phased in gradually and so in line with the government changes, the following TENC subjects will move to the new linear structure from September 2015:

From 2015

English Language and Literature English Literature Biology Chemistry Physics
Business Sociology History Psychology Art and Design  - including Textiles

From 2016

French German Spanish Geography Drama
P.E. Music Computer Science Religious Studies Dance

Still Under Review

Mathematics Law Media Graphics

AS Levels

AS levels will still exist, but will no longer contribute to the A Level grade for the new subjects –this is called ‘decoupling’. New AS exams will remain broadly at their current standard, although course-work will be reduced or removed for all subjects other than Art and Design.

Following consultation and discussion, TENC has decided that while we are in a period of transition, the programme of study on offer in the sixth form will remain as it is for 2015-16.


The vast majority of our students will be following Linear A Levels over two years. AS examination will generally not be taken at the end of Yr12. Mock examinations will be taken in the summer term and results from these will give a firm indication of potential for successful study in the second year and enable students to apply to university on the basis of those results.

All current plans for sixth form changes are provisional. We will reconsider our position if:

  • the government revises its plans
  • other factors emerge which cast the current context in a new light
  • higher education institutions alter their perspectives on A Levels

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